Mt Shasta Retreat

Welcome! I am hosting an intimate Healing & Transformation Retreat in Mt Shasta, California July 23rd-27th 2024. 

Mt Shasta is a very special and sacred place... home to many energy vortexes and portals. The veil is extremely thin in Mt Shasta, and an Inner Earth city known as Telos resides under the mountain. The Inner Earth beings / Telosians / Lemurians, Fairies, Sasquatch, St. Germaine, Sophia, Angelic Beings, Star Family & MANY others are very active in this location. The UFO activity and spiritual energy in this area is off the charts, making it an incredible place for profound healing, transformation, and contact experiences with spiritual and extraterrestrial beings. 

During the Retreat, we will do many transformational activities including group sound healing sessions, Ce5's at night to make contact with Star Family, and field trips around Mt Shasta to sacred portal locations. I will be creating a detailed schedule closer to the Retreat. 

Between the high vibrational group, the magical location, the intentions we set, and the work that we do together... expect MAJOR UPGRADES! This will also be the perfect opportunity to clear layers of baggage and clear spiritual blocks. Your time in Mt Shasta will be highly activating and transformational. 

I have rented a beautiful, large home to house the retreat.

*** There are no beds left available to stay with us on site, but you can camp on the property if you wish. Tickets to stay on site with us are $1,500 (for 4 nights - check in on July 23rd and check out the morning of July 27th). Most meals are included with the ticket price, but we do plan to go out to eat and those will be self pay. 

If you would like to stay off site in your own air bnb or hotel, Retreat ticket prices are $750. If you are interested in staying off site, I can put you in contact with other attendees who may be interested in splitting lodging with you elsewhere. I will be creating a group chat for all of us to communicate. 

Monthly payment plans are available! My email is below. 

Mt Shasta is a rural town, so to get there by plane you will have to fly into an airport in Sacramento or Redding, CA or Oregon and drive to Mt Shasta. From Sacramento airport it is a 3 hour drive. There is a small airport in Redding 1 hour from Mt Shasta, but flights will probably be more expensive there. I will have a group chat of Retreat attendees created so that people can carpool / share a vehicle if they wish. 

Slots are limited! This will be a small, intimate group. 

*** If you would like to join me for this very special Mt Shasta Healing & Transformation Retreat, please email me at to work out a payment plan and hold your spot. 



----- Photos of the Mt Shasta Retreat House ------

I hope you will join us on this magical adventure!

Please email me at with any questions or to work out a payment plan. Please put 'Mt Shasta Retreat' in the email title.

Talk soon!

- Lily