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Welcome to the advanced learning workshops, channeled healing sessions and DNA activations by Lily Nova. 

Lily Nova has a wonderful gift of channeling higher dimensional beings, quantum healing and potent activations to assist the collective in reaching their highest potential, developing new gifts and abilities, and remembering who they truly are.

Discover these powerful sessions below!

The Ultimate DNA Activation Kit ($444):

Activate your Starseed DNA with this complete DNA Activation Kit! The Kit includes a series of instructional videos & resources, and 9 channeled activation sessions. I break down everything that I did to activate my DNA step by step, and include channeled full length DNA Activations from the Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans, Arcturians, Inner Earth Beings, Mary Magdalene & Yeshua, DNA Activating Subliminal Messages for Sleep & Meditation to activate you as you sleep, and a transformative Violet Flame DNA Transmission. All to expand your consciousness, heal you, raise your frequency, activate your DNA and unlock your unique soul gifts and abilities! 

The DNA Activation Kit is a 3 month(+) self-paced program guaranteed to transform you. Unlock new gifts & abilities, experience profound healing, align with your highest path & soul purpose, and reach totally new heights.

The DNA Kit also comes with bonus group coaching calls (listed at the bottom of the Kit playlist) and a private Telegram group chat for support, to ask questions and to share your journey with others working through the Kit. 

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DNA Kit Testimonial:

"6 months ago I started Lily’s DNA activations. I was a couple years into my awakening…but I was still confused and very lonely. I did the activations daily for 6 weeks, working through one per week. I had huge upgrades! I felt so much closer to star family, which was important to me at the moment. I felt like I was getting to know them on a much more personal level. I had new Star family show up too! But being 6 months out, I see how I have truly upgraded and reactivated my dormant DNA. I still do the DNA activations once or twice a week. I am getting incredible downloads, I understand deeply who I am, and my new path in life is presenting itself. Lily’s activations gave me a structure to work with. Her voice and use of bowls is activating in and of themselves. Her guidance took me from being unable to visualize very well…to seeing my DNA and chakras in my own way…and then to actually starting getting some visions! For me, this experience was the perfect combination of doing the work myself and having some help. I am so grateful for these activations and I HIGHLY recommend them."

- Katie M.


Psychic Development Class & Third Eye Activation ($44.44):

Learn how to open your third eye & activate your unique psychic abilities in this 2 hour workshop followed by a powerful 30 minute Third Eye Activation with The Masters, ArchAngels, and Star Family. In the workshop we explore different types of psychic abilities and how to activate and develop them! I include simple exercises I did to help me rapidly activate my gifts.

By the end of this workshop and channeled activation, you will feel much more confident in yourself, will have a plan to fully develop your gifts, and will receive psychic upgrades! You will also have lifetime access and can re-listen to the workshop or Third Eye Activation as many times as you'd like. 

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Deep Chakra Healing With Inner Earth Beings ($44.44):

This session includes a short presentation on the Chakras, how they may become unbalanced or blocked, and how they can help you step into your power and reach your highest potential.

Followed by a 1 hour channeled Deep Chakra Healing session with the Inner Earth Beings and The Violet Flame to open, clear, heal, and balance the seven main chakras. The Inner Earth Beings are master healers and incredibly advanced beings that are devoted to assisting us in our ascension. The Violet Flame is 1 of the MOST powerful spiritual tools for transmutation and transformation.

This potent session will have you feeling incredible and transformed, and you'll have lifetime access so you can come back to it as many times as you'd like!

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DNA Activation & Connect With Your Star Family ($44.44):

Learn how to Activate your dormant Starseed DNA and connect with your Star Family with this package deal including a 45 minute workshop, followed by a 1 hour channeled DNA Activation with the Star Beings and your Star Family to heal and awaken you.

Your DNA is Royalty. Our DNA is SO powerful. We are powerful Creators - We can do and be anything we want, the 'God Code' is hidden in our DNA waiting to be awakened. Activating DNA also activates special gifts - From quantum healing, to telekinesis, clairvoyance, and more.

I channel the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans & others in this potent session, while playing 3 powerful crystal singing bowls tuned to heal and awaken you. 

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Testimonials: What people are saying...

"The DNA Activation is phenomenal!!" - Christine Loucks

"That DNA Kit is WORTH IT! Just did the activation with all my crystals and some plants. Holy activation, Batman!! That was amazing!" - Katie Rains

"Yesterday's DNA Activation was one of the greatest experiences of my life. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!! You are changing this world!"

"If you read this please consider buying Lily's DNA Activation! This activation is incredibly powerful. I did it and IT REALLY WORKS!" -Omwave108

"I actually saw one of my guides when I did the DNA Activation" - Lakeside Laura

"I have done this DNA activation 3 or 4 times. Each time it's very intense. Right before this activation I was asking for signs if they hear me. What I experienced with the DNA Activation was I could feel and see me being worked on (by the Star Beings). I saw a lot of blue energy. I felt so much love. I recommend Lily's Starseed DNA Activations. Thank you Lily for all that you do!" - Shelley Hall


Cord Cutting, Ancestral Healing, Karma Clearing ($44.44) 

Learn all about cord cutting, ancestral healing, and clearing karma with this presentation followed by a 1 hour channeled session with the ArchAngels, Star Beings, Yeshua, Mother Mary, and others. We go in and pull / cut all negative cords and attachments, heal the ancestral line, and clear any negative karma that keeps you stuck in the negative karmic wheel. FREE yourself of negative energy with this powerful session!

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Testimonial from Live Session:

Michael has an amazing experience that shocks and profoundly impacts him during the channeled session (Cord Cutting, Ancestral Healing & Karma Clearing session). He witnesses higher dimensional beings for the 1st time.