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Many people have had or wished to have a profound contact experience. The purpose behind CE-5 practices is to develop a meditative presence (being present in higher states of awareness) to be able to initiate and make contact. CE5 meditation fine tunes your perception or senses beyond the known 5 senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. This enables the practitioner to achieve some very profound and amazing contact encounters!

We are currently under construction for the new contact website and will be publishing content and events very soon! Be on the lookout for the following:

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  • Video Content - Tutorials, Solo Session Samples, Subscriber Response Videos (also see her Ce5 playlist below) 
  • Live Group Sessions
  • 1 on 1 Individual Sessions by appointment.

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Lily Nova with her camera watching sunset at the ancient & sacred Cahokia Mounds site. 

Lily has spent countless days and nights with her camera shooting photography of space and sunset, while initiating contact with extraterrestrials / Star Beings. After her very first (and close!) UFO / UAP encounters, she became obsessed with learning all about them, the beings behind them, and set out to document proof of their existence. This photo brings back wonderful memories of how she started down this journey, and how far she has come. 

Live Activations, Ce5 Sessions & Sound Healing

Lily Nova also hosts free Live Activations with the Star Beings every Sunday at 2pm CT on her YouTube channel. These activations greatly assist in expanding awareness, developing extrasensory perception, making contact with Extraterrestrials & advanced spiritual beings, as well as healing and overall transformation. Her audience & participants often experience profound spiritual encounters, UFO/UAP contact, revelations, and break throughs.

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Lily also has a ton of resources for making contact, Starseeds, Star Origins, connecting with your Star Family, meditation, developing psychic abilities, UFO / UAP footage, and channeled sessions on her YouTube. 

Ce5 / Making Contact Playlist (click here) 


News article featuring Lily Nova's UFO / UAP footage and contact story from LAD Bible published March 2022 


Check out a couple of Lily's YouTube videos below 

How To Make Contact with UFO's, Ce5 & My Ce5 Story:

'Messages From The Future' containing predictions for what's coming in 2023 Lily received from the Galactic Federation:

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Email: LilyNova.in.space@gmail.com

Facebook: Lily Nova in Space@Lily Nova Space Art 

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